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Educational Ethnography: PhD course focused on ethnography as a research method concerned with education, schooling, contexts and cultural practices.

Major Theorists in Early Childhood: PhD/MA course focused on a broad and diverse list of foundational theorists/educators who have impacted the ECE field and their ongoing influence on policy and practice.

Teaching Young Children: Undergraduate course in early childhood educational theory and practice, focused on preschool – grade 3.

Global, Comparative Early Childhood: PHD/MA course focused on global perspectives of young children and early learning as well as comparative research design.

Introduction to Teaching and Teacher Education: PhD foundations course detailing the history of teacher research and teacher education as well as contemporary issues facing the field of teacher education.

Parents and Education: PhD/MA course on parent/teacher/school/community relationships and how schools can improve the ways they listen to and take seriously parental and community ideas about education.